USPCASE engineering students attend a virtual seminar in Pakistan.

Entrepreneurship: Unlocking Innovation

Entrepreneurship Virtual Seminar: Improving technical innovation through the patterns of thinking that unlock the ability to innovate

The USPCAS-E program organized a virtual seminar on entrepreneurship for young engineers on December 11, 2018. Mr. Ken Mulligan, an ASU instructor who teaches entrepreneurship, provided an overview of entrepreneurial thinking patterns that consistently produce novel insights, breakthrough ideas and create value through high-value products and services.

This was an opportunity for Pakistani students to learn from an entrepreneurial leader about various ways to launch their own startups. Seminar attendee Abu Bakr commented that the talk was very inspirational. Ehsan Malik, an engineering student, remarked that the seminar was an eye opener for him because this was the first time he learned about the difference between a business setup and having an entrepreneurial mindset.

“Everyone of us should employ entrepreneurial thinking first, even if we aren’t starting our own business,” he says.

Another participant, Asad Tariq, said that he learned about the qualities of entrepreneurs and that the session also led him to think of ways to create opportunities for others.

“I want to shift from job seeking to job creation,” he remarked.

The USAID-funded USPCAS-E program is building the capacity of its graduates and encouraging them to convert their research and innovation into startups that can provide solutions to Pakistan’s energy needs and foster job creation.