USPCASE on Pakistan TV

USPCAS-E goes on air

The Pakistan Television (PTV) news show 45 Minutes featured the USPCAS-E project on December 15 and 16, 2018. Panelists for the first program included Ammar Yasser (ASU), Zuhr Khan (NUST), Dr. Gulfraz Ahmed (Former Federal Secretary Petroleum) and Shahzad Qasim (PM Special Assistant on Power). Panelists for the second program were Ahmed Sohail (ASU), Dr. Adeel Javed (NUST), Amjad Awan (CEO AEDB), Waqar Ahmed (CEO Star Hydro).

The overarching theme was the national energy situation in Pakistan with an emphasis on renewable energy, thermal power, electrical power and energy policy.

The anchor of the show, Naheed, talked about the issues, challenges and solutions with the panelists. To keep the program interactive, experts responded to questions and comments from the audience which included USPCAS-E faculty and students. The audience and panelists had a chance to contribute, highlighting the importance of industry-academia linkages and sharing the efforts of research centers at both NUST and UET Peshawar in becoming an effective workforce and policy think tank resource on energy in Pakistan. ASU’s technical support in curriculum, research and exchange for both partner universities was also highlighted during the discussions.

ASU also participated in two FM-101 radio shows with its partner universities UET-P and NUST, on December 20 and 27, 2018. These programs provided opportunities for USPCAS-E to share accomplishments with a larger audience, discuss its energy research agenda and also encourage engineering students to apply for graduate programs in energy engineering.