USPCAS-E scholars visit Kohat Textile Mill

USPCAS-E scholars visit Kohat Textile Mill

On June 18, 2019, USPCAS-E scholars from the University of Engineering and Technology, Peshawar visited the Kohat Textile Mill.

These scholars are currently enrolled in the master’s program in Energy Management and Sustainability at USPCAS-E. The visit focused on the production process of cotton and synthetic yarn as well as the power system installed at the factory that is providing 4MW electric power to the mill.

They learned how this system is providing a localized source of power for the mill, with high fuel efficiency and a reduction in the energy loss associated with long-range electricity transmission.

The scholars also discussed the possibility of deploying an environmentally friendly heat recovery system to further reduce energy consumption at the mill.

USPCAS-E scholar Syed Faisal Shah said, “During the Q&A session with management, I learned about their corporate policy, environmental assessments and sustainable production. Some fruitful discussions were held on power factor improvement that may be helpful for minimizing their power losses and reducing inefficiencies.”

Another scholar, Danish Shahzad, notes that such industrial tours bridge the gap between theory and practice and help students learn about real industry challenges.