Pedagogy training participants shared their findings and classroom practices at a wrap-up session

Promoting experiential learning at the centers

How do you transform the classroom experience and make the learning process engaging meaningful and relevant? How do you optimize learning? As part of its efforts, USPCAS-E is working with faculty and staff to transform the energy curriculum at its partner universities in Pakistan. ASU supported both partner universities in adopting the latest pedagogical practices to improve course delivery practices and enhance the learning experience. The six-month effort included classroom observations, a three-day pedagogy training, online modules and virtual Zoom sessions focusing on the scholarship of teaching and learning to provide actionable feedback to ensure that classroom instruction is on par with international best practices.

ASU worked with faculty at NUST and UET Peshawar to deepen their understanding of active learning approaches and improve their use of these approaches in the classroom. In the wrap-up session held on June 27, 2019, participants shared their findings and classroom practices.

Nine faculty and staff from NUST and UET Peshawar completed all program components and received a certificate of completion:


  1. Abdul Kashif Janjua
  2. Nadia Shahzad
  3. Muhammad Noman
  4. Affaq Qamar
  5. Khurshid Ahmad
  6. Muhammad Hassan
  7. Fahad Ullah
  8. Muhammad Shoaib
  9. Kaleem Ullah