Applied research

USPCAS-E conducts research that relates directly to on-going and anticipated challenges within the USPCAS-E focus sectors that affect the lives of Pakistanis and impede economic growth. This work ranges from resolving discrete problems that affect households or businesses, to broader capacity issues that constrain service delivery and growth in the energy sector of Pakistan. The research compels researchers to focus on innovative applied research solutions that are both sensible and sustainable. With ASU’s assistance, NUST and UET Peshawar collaborated with private sector and government stakeholders to develop USPCAS-E research agendas to ensure relevance and attract private sector funding for advanced research in these critical areas.

Research and Policy Councils

ASU worked closely with NUST and UET Peshawar to support the councils on research and policy as they review current policies in promoting applied research with stakeholder involvement. The role of the policy and research council at each university was to evaluate all applied research grant applications and ensure their relevance to Pakistan’s energy needs and requirements.

Energy Research Grants

USPCAS-E implemented a research grants program in Pakistan through which, research grants were provided to academic researchers working with Pakistani industries to conduct independent energy-related research to address the day-to-day energy challenges faced by Pakistanis. The research projects focused on:

ASU provided assistance to NUST and UET Peshawar in reviewing and evaluating proposals received through open nationwide calls for proposals.