Fuel Cells and Batteries Training Workshop

ASU Professor Kannan conducted a three-day training workshop on fuel cells and batteries for NUST and UET students and faculty as well as industry members.

2nd Send-off Reception for Exchange Scholars

Senior U.S. and Pakistani officials gathered in Islamabad to recognize 33 Pakistani graduate energy engineering students and faculty members traveling to the U.S.


Energy Policy Training Workshop

Clark Miller conducted a three-day training workshop on energy policy and leadership for NUST and UET students, faculty and industry representatives.

First National Stakeholders Meeting

The National Stakeholder Meeting was held to help create synergies between USPCASE universities, the private sector, government, academia, civil society and consumers.

Send-off Reception

The first cohort of students and faculty from NUST) and UETPeshawar departed for ASU and OSU to spend a semester conducting energy-based research at energy labs.

Pre-Departure Orientation for First Exchange Cohort

ASU organized a pre-departure orientation in Islamabad for the first cohort of USPCASE exchange students and faculty departing for ASU and OSU.

USPCASE Launch Event

Thursday, August 27, 2015 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. Carson Ballroom, Old Main, Arizona State University Pakistani leadership, U.S. Congress members, and global engagement organizations, as well as education and industry leaders, descended upon the Arizona State University Tempe campus on August 27, 2015, to celebrate a partnership for the advancement of Pakistani energy access,…